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LISA is a club for marine professionals. Connect with like-minded professionals, share practical experiences and help each-other to succeed: making sure ships are sailing.


If you are working in the maritime industry, you have a challenging job. Operational issues, maintenance and repair issues, supplier issues, client issues, dry-docking issues, spare part issues, travel and logistics issues, purchase issues, vetting issues, certificate issues, Class issues, PSC issues, Flag state issues, crew issues, budget issues, internal issues……… 

And there is no manual how to do it
We reckon you have 80% of your work under control. It’s the other 20% unexpected, new or difficult part that consumes most of your time and energy. The issues where you lack the knowledge or miss the right connections to solve it efficiently and effectively. For instance:

  • your ship is scheduled for a new sailing area
  • your company enters a new market
  • there are new rules and regulations to comply with
  • you have to assess new technologies

We believe connecting people in a fun and informal way enables us to better deal with challenges in our daily jobs. Sharing knowledge and supporting each other will drive to success in the ever-changing shipping industry.

What can you do in LISA?

  • find answers in a trusted, global network
  • join regular events; both online and in real life
  • access to the LISA Academy and Mastermind sessions
  • access to the LISA App, available on Android and iOS
  • be part of a club like-minded marine people

What's the benefit?

New insights
Share practical, real-life experiences with like-minded professionals to gain new insights and solutions.

Find a shortcut
You are not alone. Others have been where you are today. Connect with them to find a shortcut.

Save money
Before you spend money on new technologies, equipment or advisors, ask your trusted network first.

Grow and enjoy
Broaden your network, increase your knowledge. Become part of this new, independent and inspiring club for professionals.

How can you join?

Two options:

Individual Membership

A membership just for you. With all the mentioned possibilities and benefits. When you apply, this is what we ask from you:

  • to be open minded and supportive to others
  • to show up

👉 Get your membership here

Premium Membership

If you would like to join with your company, we offer a Premium Membership. Premium Members have the ability to:

  • provide free access to LISA for all employees
  • gain valuable insights at different levels
  • become visible to all LISA members
  • set-up private groups, courses or events

Applications for Premium Memberships will be validated, before they are granted. 

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Member stories

Who: A vessel superintendent
Challenge: A renewal survey in an unknown area (Indonesia vs. North Sea)
Solution: Connections to a number of LISA Members who are active in that area
Via: Mastermind Technical

Who: A technical superintendent
Challenge: Modifying ship for piracy area
Solution: Complete and proven anti-piracy system offered by fleet manager in other market segment
Via: Question in App

Who: A vessel manager
Challenge: Dry-docking in unknown area (Carieb)
Solution: Sharing contacts and experiences, supporting decision making
Via: Mastermind Technical

Who: A procurement manager
Challenge: Improve and professionalise the purchase process from the ships
Solution: Complete, recently updated purchase process offered from another purchaser
Via: Mastermind Purchase

Who: Several crewing managers
Challenge: How to cope with the effects of the global pandemic
Solution: Online meet-ups to exchange experiences and share documents
Via: Mastermind Crewing

Who: QHSE managers
Challenge: How to deal with refugees at sea
Solution: In depth discussion to find a common policy to use
Via: Mastermind QHSE

Who: Fleet Manager
Challenge: Should I invest in scrubbers?
Solution: Onboard visits to see different systems in action and get first hand experiences from the crew
Via: Question in App

Who: Captain Owner
Challenge: A dispute with an insurer for covering a ship's damage
Solution: a Premium Member offered support which let to a full insurance payment
Via: LISA network

Who: A technical superintendent
Challenge: A time sensitive repair job
Solution: a Premium Member provided excellent service
Via: LISA network

..... and you can find many more inside the club.

A big thanks

We are proud and thankful for our Founding Fathers

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