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Join us in building business friendships and gain insight you don’t find anywhere else.

The LISA Community is founded by three innovative Dutch shipowners: Boomsma Shipping, JR Shipping and Van Wijngaarden Marine Services. Our aim is to improve the performance of our ships and personnel. So we share practical knowledge and experiences, and support each-other to succeed. 

And boy does it work.

Time and money is saved, costly mistakes are prevented and best of all: business friendships are made. Members meet each-other via online meet-ups, live events, and at the online campus. There is a dedicated App available, so your LISA Community is travelling with you at all times. 

The following shipping companies are connected:

  • Acta Marine
  • Allseas Engineering
  • ALP Maritime Services
  • Amasus Shipping
  • Anglo-Eastern Ship Management
  • Anthony Veder
  • Arklow Shipping
  • Baltnautic
  • BigLift
  • Boomsma Shipping
  • Boskalis
  • Clearwater Ship Management
  • Danser van Gent
  • DC Dredging
  • De Bock Maritiem
  • Deep
  • DEME 
  • Èta Shipping
  • Fugro
  • Gebr. van der Lee
  • Gronberg Ship Management
  • Heerema Marine Contractors
  • JR Shipping
  • Jumbo Maritime
  • Livestock Express
  • MF Shipmanagement
  • OOS International
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Rederij Doeksen
  • RollDock
  • Seamar
  • Seatrade Groningen
  • Seaway7
  • SeaZip Offshore Service
  • Shipping Company Groningen
  • Sima Charters
  • Smit Lamnalco
  • Spliethoff
  • Stolt Tankers
  • Symphony Shipping
  • Tharsis Sea-River Shipping
  • Van Dam Shipping
  • Van Oord
  • Van Stee Offshore
  • Van Weelde Shipping
  • Van Wijngaarden Marine Services
  • Visser Shipping
  • Vroon Offshore Services
  • Wagenborg Passagiers Diensten
  • Wagenborg Shipping
  • Wilhelmsen Ahrenkiel Ship Management

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The LISA Community is supported by our Premium Members:


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The Netherlands
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