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You have a challanging job

If you are a Technical Superintendent working in commercial shipping, you have a tough job. Maintenance issues, repair issues, supplier issues, dry-docking issues, spare part issues, travel and logistics issues, purchase issues, vetting issues, certificate issues, Class issues, PSC issues, Flag state issues, crew issues, budget issues, internal issues……… 

And there is no manual how to do it

You have to learn from others who already know what you need to know.
We reckon you have 80% under control. It’s that nasty 20% unexpected, new or difficult part that consumes most of your time and energy. The issues where you lack the knowledge or miss the right connections to solve it efficient and effective.

The good news: there is always someone who has figured it out. You just need to connect with them.

Welcome to the LISA Community. The number #1 Community App that connects you to like-minded professionals and helps you to thrive and succeed in your work:

  • Discuss the latest developments in your field at Events
  • Learn from peers in Mastermind Groups
  • Gain new insights from LISA's Premium Members in Company Groups
  • Develop your skills in Courses
  • Build connections with like-minded professionals around the globe
  • Harness the power of a community and stand out in your work

LISA is the only iOS and Android App that connects you to a Community of driven maritime professionals. 

Try it yourself and join the club.

Download the LISA Community App on iOS and Android, register and you're in:


The LISA Community stages over 250 events a year, ranging from technical webinars, social meetups and mastermind sessions. These events are informal; knowledge, insights, experiences and ideas are openly shared. This creates a positive energy and helps everyone to succeed. If you cannot make it live, there is almost always a replay to watch whenever you want.


Every day, 80.000 commercial ships transport goods and raw materials, serve the leisure market and execute projects in ports and offshore sites. LISA connects you to people that design, build, supply, maintain, repair, converse, operate and manage commercial ships. Join them in their own Group or participate in Mastermind Groups with peers.


We are used to learn on the job. In other words, to learn from others. This is also how we set-up Courses. Dedicated spaces to learn something together in a structured way. Depending on the LISA Members' needs, we will create new Courses on specific topics.


Ships need to sail. LISA connects driven maritime professionals to achieve that in the most effective, efficient and rewarding way possible. We share knowledge and experiences and help each-other to succeed. LISA aims to save time, to limit frustration and to prevent costly mistakes.


We are proud and thankful for our Founding Fathers & Supporters

Boomsma Shipping
JR Shipping

Jumbo Maritime
SeaZip Offshore
Van Wijngaarden Marine Services

Van Oord Shipmanagement
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